Q: Who will deliver the car.

A: One of eZhire's partner (Vendor Car Rental Company) closest to your location will deliver the car to you. Your Credit/Debit Card Number, Driving License, Passport/Emirates ID, VISA page and/or other required documents will be share with the car rental company in order to rent the car to you.

Q: What are the delivery & collection timings?

A: Since we are in the beta stage the current delivery & collection timings are from 0800 hrs to 1900 hrs however in coming months it is going to be 24hrs.

Q: How can I pay the rent?

A: Since we are in beta stage currently, you will have to pay the rental amount to the driver who delivers the car, however within few month we will be having the payment gateway integrated into our app and you will be able to pay directly via the app using the credit card.

Change--Payment will be taken from customer’s credit card at the time of Car Delivery.

Q: What is the mode of payment?

A: The preferred mode of payment is the Credit Card, however, you can pay with Debit Card as well.


Q: Do I need to pay any security deposit?

A: Yes,

  1. We can have a Pre-authorization of AED 1500 on the Credit Card when the driver delivers the car to you. Note we will not be charging this amount this is only a Preauthorization.

  2. Refund will be processed 20 days after returning the car. Please note it might take several days for the refund to reflect on your statement. eZhire will notify you once the refund process is initiated.

We highly recommend you to provide us the credit card for pre-authorization as there won’t be the hassle later of providing the cash back to you.

Q: Where can the car be delivered?

A: Dubai, Sharjha, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, RAK


Q: Are the Cars insured?

A: Yes the cars are insured as per UAE law in case of an accident if you provide us with Green Police Report there won’t be any charges, however if the accident is caused because of your fault and you get Red Police Report there will be excess insurance charges, which depends on the type of car and the extent of the damage, usually it ranges from AED 200 to AED 1500 for normal cars.


In case of a Hit and run, Case Police Report is Required. Max excess will be charged.

Q: What happens if an accident occurs? 

A: In the event of an accident, you must notify the police immediately. You should not move the vehicle until the police issue a report. Failure to submit a police report will render you liable for all cost incurred as a result of the accident.

Failure to submit a police report will result in no insurance coverage.

If it's not your mistake and you provide Green Report no damage charges will occur.

If it's your mistake and you provide with Red Report up to Maximum liability will be charged.

Q: Do I need to pay a surcharge in case of a traffic fine?

A: Yes, there will be a surcharge of  AED: 30 Plus 3% of the fine amount.

Q: Is there any limit on mileage?

Yes, the daily mileage is 255 km per day, 1400 km per week, and 4000 km per month. (Renault & Infinity 4000 km per month)


Q; Will I be charged for the excessive mileage?

A: Although the mileage is more than enough and crossed in very rare cases but in case you drive extra miles then you will be charged as follows:

Charge - Excess Kilometer Charges are as mentioned below.

Economy: AED 0.50 per Kilometer

Small Size Sedan: AED 0.50 per Kilometer

Mid Size Sedan: AED 0.50 per Kilometer

Full-Size Sedan: AED 0.80 per Kilometer

Mide Size SUV: AED 0.80 per Kilometer

7 Seater Van: AED 0.80 per Kilometer

Full-Size SUV: AED 1 per Kilometer

Luxury SUV: AED 4 per Kilometer

Luxury 5: AED 5 per Kilometer

Exotic 15: AED 15 per Kilometer

Q: Who can rent a car?

A: Minimum age to hire a car is 21 years, your license needs to be at least 1 year old. If you are on a residence visa in UAE then you should be holding UAE driving license. If you are on a tourist visa then you need to have a valid home country local plus international driving license. 

Q: Do you have a partial day policy?

A: 24 hrs is a 1-day Rental, plus 1 hour grace period. After that 2nd day will be charged.

Q. What if I lose the key to my car or if it gets locked for any reason?

A. We will provide you a replacement key if the car is locked for any reason. An additional charge of AED 50/- will apply. Lost key charges will be notified once rates are confirmed by the manufacturer.

Q: Are there any delivery charges?

A: Yes, delivery charges are AED 39.

Q: Are there any collection charges?

A: Yes, Collection Charges are AED 39.

Q: What is your fuel policy?

A: Customer has  to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel, failing to do so the difference in fuel will be charged to the customer plus AED 5 Service Charges